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The most powerful outdoor security camera in Rochester for your home

Actively stop would-be criminals with your Rochester outdoor security cameras 

Why settle for standard video surveillance when you can utilize the most advanced outdoor security cameras in Rochester? The Vivint Outdoor Camera ProTM comes standards with powerful features like motion-sensing notifications and adjustable protection areas. And with intruder deterrence protection, each and every one of your home security cameras will do more than record a crime -- they can help fully stop it from occurring.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro provides you with a high-def stream no matter the lighting or weather circumstances. Watch live streams via the Vivint App or receive notifications should your cameras sense abnormal motion. Vivint cameras are smart enough to recognize animals, swaying trees, and passing cars, so you're only informed about genuine risks. You can even show lurkers they’ve been seen by powering a bright LED ring and sounding a high-decibel alarm.

What comes standard with your Rochester outdoor security camera?

Your Rochester outdoor security cameras are an integral part of your home security infrastructure. With your cameras, you have the following cutting-edge features:

  • Durable design: Your outdoor cameras will withstand snow, wind, or rain to provide crisp, clear video every time.

  • Live 24/7 feeds: Keep an eye on your yard with HD video via the Vivint App.

  • Alerts to your smartphone: Whenever your camera senses suspicious motion, you'll have a notification sent directly to your smartphone.

  • Night vision: See crisp pictures after sundown with infrared technology.

  • Wide angle range of vision in high def: Your personal security cameras observe and record in sharp HD.

  • Programmable motion sensors: Set your camera to only patrol where you need to and skip over areas like lawn fixtures or your neighbor's home.

  • Sophisticated analytics: Only pay attention to people and leave pets, wind, or passing cars alone.

  • Intruder deterrence: Your camera can actively scare off lurkers by illuminating a red LED ring circling the lens and turning on a piercing siren.

  • Easy setup: The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro employs the latest capabilities so that a WiFi signal is always available.

  • 10-30 second smart clips: Keep critical camera footage for later viewing in the Vivint Smart Home App. Or utilizing Vivint Playback, you can save a continuous video stream to the Vivint Smart Drive and keep it for 30 days.

The Vivint App gives you intuitive control of your Rochester outdoor security cameras

The most efficient way to manage your Rochester security cameras is through the Vivint App. Define the safety zone you want your cameras to focus on, then view current feeds whenever you would like. Set notifications to inform you when your camera detects unusual activity. Save and screen your Vivint Smart Clips at your leisure. You can easily sync your cameras with Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Call now to protect the exterior with your Rochester outdoor security cameras

The most advanced outdoor security cameras in Rochester comes with your Vivint system. With a fast call, a Vivint professional will review your preferences and tailor make a security system that’s perfect for you and your family. Simply call (585) 534-3389 or send in the form below to begin the home security journey.